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iClean  Laundry Service

What is it?

No time for laundry? No worries. iClean is your ACU laundry service provided by Ingram Cleaners. This service is available during the fall and spring semesters for $360 per semester. Sign up today!

How does it work?

iClean Bags

When you sign-up, you'll pick up two purple iClean bags from The Campus Store. Start filling up your first purple bag with dirty laundry and once it's filled, call our evening valet service for easy pick up. Dirty laundry is delivered to the cleaners every Tuesday and Thursday morning to be cleaned.

While you wait for your clean clothes, start filling up your second bag! Your clean laundry will be available for pick-up at The Campus Store or delivery via our evening valet service. We receive clean laundry deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Stop by after noon on these days for easy pick-up!

Remember, if you dropped off your dirty laundry before Tuesday morning, it will be available for pick-up on that Thursday. If you dropped of your dirty laundry after Tuesday morning, it won't be ready for pick-up until the next Monday.

What about dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is available and is billed separately. Ingrams will dry clean your items marked with "Dry Clean Only" tags. If you have other items that you would like dry cleaned, just put that item in a plastic bag with a note before you put it in your purple iClean bag. All dry cleaning charges will be due at time of pick-up. Dry cleaning prices are listed on the right-side of this page.

What else can I have washed?

iClean isn't limited to just clothing. We'll take care of everything from sheets and comforters to towels and even shoes! We just ask that if any of your items are wet that you put them inside of a plastic bag before they go into your iClean bag. This helps us to make sure we take care of your items the best we can!

Ready to sign up? Click here to get started!

Dry Cleaning Prices


Blouse $5.10-7.15
Skirt $5.78-7.15
Dress $8.80-10.17
Slacks $3.96
Jacket $7.42
Coat $10.46-13.76
Sweater $5.49-6.60
Shorts $3.96-5.32


Shirt $3.96
Pants $3.96
Jacket $7.70-9.63
Coat $10.17-13.76
Sweater $5.49-6.60
Shorts $3.85
Tie $4.95
The Campus Store partners with Ingram Cleaners to provide this great student service. If you have comments or issues with your current service please fill out our Customer Inquiry form.

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