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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to have an iPad for Fall 2016?

Any student enrolled in a tablet-designated (T) course -- including all incoming freshman students in fall 2016 -- are required to have either an iPad mini, iPad2 or newer device. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may also take one or more of the tablet-designated courses.

Why am I required to purchase an iPad?

This important next step in ACU’s Mobile Learning Initiative will allow teachers and students to collaborate more easily in and out of the classroom, interact with updated texts and apps to enhance learning, create new media, and use the infrastructure already available on campus to share findings and creations.

Do I have to purchase an iPad or will any tablet do?

ACU strongly recommends the iPad for two reasons. First, professors may choose to use iPad-specific applications that are not available with other tablets. They also may share documents or ask you to collaborate with classmates using your device. Some information and tools do not share across platforms, which could prohibit your participation. Second, ACU offers support for the iPad. If you have technical difficulties, you can receive support by visiting our Team55 desk or calling the Team55 helpline.

Which version of the iPad do I need?

ACU will ensure that all applications and content used in your tablet courses are compatible with all versions of the iPad 2 and iPad mini. We recommend students purchase the iPad mini. It will meet all of your coursework needs and has a lower price point.

Can I purchase my iPad from ACU?

Yes. You can purchase any of the compatible iPads through ACU’s Campus Store. You may purchase it while on campus or order it online for shipment to your house.

Is there a discount on the iPad for education purposes?

Yes. Apple does offer educational discounts on iPads and Apple computers. 

Will I have to buy a new iPad every year?

No. ACU will ensure all classroom utilization will be compatible on currently offered iPads for a minimum of four long semesters (two years).

Can I purchase an iPad on my student account?

Yes. ACU will allow students to purchase an iPad on your student account as long as you are enrolled in tablet-designated course. You are only allowed to charge one iPad to your account, and it must be purchased during the August billing cycle.

Will financial aid cover the cost of my iPad?

Because a tablet device is required, the United States Department of Education will allow federal financial aid to cover the cost. If you have financial aid available to cover books and supplies, then it will be applied once you have purchased the device from the Campus Store with your student account.

How do I know which courses require an iPad?

The ACU course catalog identifies tablet-designated courses with a “T” in the course numbering system (e.g., PEAC100.01T).

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